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Report on the EFLM survey on educational need

In 2015 the EFLM WG on Congresses an Postgraduate Education (WG-CPE) made a survey on the need and interest for practical training in Laboratory Medicine among EFLM countries.

In the period March 16 – May 18 2015, 146 responses from different countries and different laboratories were received. 128 of them answered only to the questions on the needs while 87 answers  were complete.

Majority (91%) of responders were interested in visiting other laboratories outside their country to learn/gain practical experience. Majority (87%) of responders were willing to offer practical education/training on different topics, method skills or simply offering visits of the laboratory.
Majority (70%) of laboratory/institution were not willing to pay an extra fee to cover accommodation and travel costs for their trainees/specialists visiting other institutions. The most appropriate length for the training period was indicated as 1-2 month/s.
Majority (67%) of responders had already experience on running training /education courses and 80% of them had involved in training schemes in their country. A lot of potential offers (37%) had already regular courses that can be attended by trainees from other countries.. Interesting to note that the maximum length of the training period acceptable by the majority of the institutions to offer, is nearly the same as we got from responders needs (1-2 month/s). Majority of institutions were willing to accept 1-2 trainees per year, and 56% of potential offers were willing to accept them for such training education as free of charge. Only 5 responders had a regular bursaries intended to support trainees coming to their institution. Almost all laboratories/institutions would like to have some measures of achievement after the training period in their laboratories/institutions.

From March 16th until May 18th we have got 146 responces from different countries and different laboratories, mostly from tertiary and secondary, but also from some primary institutions and laboratories. 128 of them answered only on the questions from the first part (needs), and 87 answers  were complete.