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Guide for offerers /providers

How to apply to become an offerer/provider of practice(s):

  • Sign up as Offerer (top right button): you will be asked to enter the name of your institution/laboratory and a name of a contact person that will be used in any future correspondence).
  • Username and password will be generated and sent you by e-mail.
  • You should create/fill-up the institution data


How to create your institutional profile:

  • Login as Offerer and select “Institution data”.
  • Fill in the required information about your institution (Institution data) and the responsible contact person and offered practice (button “Practices”).

After you fullfil institution data, your application will be automatically submitted to EFLM in order to activate your position. Please download the contract with EFLM (template of the contract), sign and sent it back to EFLM as pdf on e-mail.


How to post an open position/practice:

  • Each open position is one particular defined practice for only one user at determined time.
  • Login as Offerer and select “Add new practice”: fill in the information indicated in the grid:
    • Position open
    • Title of practice
    • Short description of practice in pdf form
    • Accommodation possbilities (if any)
    • Predicted start of training
    • Period of time (duration)
    • Fields of diagnostics and topics (dropdown menu)
    • Methods (dropdown menu)
    • Training fee (if any)


How to manage applications:

  • Applications are notified to you by e-mail and posted in your profile under “User Applications”. They are also visible in main menu under “Practices” (the number of applications will appear on right corner)
  • Login as Offerer and select “User Applications”.
  • Select the application by clicking on “Choose button” (top right corner). You also have to confirm the selection by e-mail to the applicant.
  • By selecting one applicant, all other requests (if more than one), will be automatically deleted and non-selected applicants will be automatically notified by e-mail). If you want to contact them personally, you have the option to respond on their e-mail before the clicking on Choose button.
  • Important: in your profile do not forget to mark the position for which you make the selection of the applicant as “Position closed”.


At the end of the training period:

  • Login as Offerer and select in your profile “User Applications”.
  • On active user application select “Certificate of attendance”: print and give it to the trainee.
  • Once the certificate is released, the application is automatically archived under “Archive of practices”.
  • After a practice is concluded, we invite you to create a new position with the new available date and confirm it as “Position open”.


EFLMLabX Contract

Template - acceptence letter host laboratory