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NEW INSTITUTION in EFLMLabX - Lille Hospital University

Mission and Objectives
We have a particularly focus on the diagnosis and monitoring of nitrous oxide intoxication, a rapidly growing public health issue in Europe. This gas, commonly used as an anesthetic and recreational substance, poses significant health risks, including neurological and metabolic disorders. Our mission is to develop and optimize precise and reliable detection methods to improve patient care for those intoxicated.
Internship Opportunities
We offer internship opportunities for European students in biology, biochemistry, or related fields who wish to gain practical experience in a dynamic clinical and research environment. Interns will have the chance to actively participate in research projects, work with cutting-edge technologies, and contribute to important clinical studies. Under the supervision of our experienced team of researchers and clinicians, you will develop essential technical and analytical skills for a career in medical biology.
What We Are Looking For
We are looking for motivated students with a strong academic background in biological sciences and a particular interest in nutrition, metabolism, and toxicology. Candidates should demonstrate scientific rigor, teamwork skills, and the ability to adapt to a demanding work environment.
Why Join Us?
  • High-Quality Research Environment: Work in a modern, well-equipped laboratory within a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals.
  • Innovative Projects: Contribute to cutting-edge research on current topics in medical biology.
  • Professional Development: Gain valuable hands-on experience, specialized training, and the opportunity to publish your work.
  • Societal Impact: Participate in projects with a direct impact on public health and patient well-being.
Description of the Internship Opportunity
Biochemistry, Nutrition, and Metabolism Service
Laboratory at Lille University Hospital
The Biochemistry, Nutrition, and Metabolism Service at Lille University Hospital is a leading research and diagnostic center specializing in the analysis and monitoring of nutritional and metabolic disorders. Our laboratory, situated in a renowned medical institution known for its excellence, is dedicated to providing innovative and rigorous solutions to emerging challenges in medical biology.